Doreen Virtue: Affermazioni Angeliche per l’Autostima

Quando trovo cose bellissime nella rete non posso fare a meno di condividerle!!!

E questa è una di quelle……. ragazzi!!! Sia che siate giù, sia che siate in un momento normalissimo della vostra giornata, vi consiglio di sentire queste parole e ripeterle…… Il video è fatto da Doreen Virtue non dico nulla su di lei a parte che è una persona straordinaria che si è offerta di fornire tutta la sua conoscenza a noi tutti!!! Tra l’altro ha una pagina Facebook bellissima…

Il video che propongo è in inglese, come il sito, ma nel video ci sono delle preziose traduzioni per chi avesse difficoltà con l’inglese. Io invece preferisco riportare queste meravigliose affermazioni Angeliche in inglese….E CHE PORTINO LA STESSA SERENITA’, PACE, FORZA, LUCE ED ENERGIA A TUTTI VOI!!!!!! E vi prego, condividete quanto più possibile con gli altri…… 🙂

Thank you Angels for these affirmations

i am lovable
i am loving
i am beautiful person
i deserve love
i accept love as it is offered
i open my heart to pure & uncoditional love
i allow myself to feel loved
i open my heart now to the love of God and Angels
i trust myself
i trust my intuition
i trust and follow my gut feelings always
i forgive myself
i forgive myself
im filled with happiness and joy
i focus upon the positive aspects of my life
i give myself credits for my accomplishments
i pray and meditate often
i love taking excellent care of myself
i love to eat healthfully
my credits are for healthful food and beverages
i sleep very well at night
i wake up feeling rested and refreshed
im easily able to focus and concentrate
im smart
im intelligent
im wise
i learn and retain information easily
im a great student
im a great teacher
i easily put time into my priorities each day
i make time for myself everyday
i have healthy balance at work, play and rest
i love 2 exercise my body
i am motivated
i clearly receive Divine guidance
my dreams are profound and psychic
i hear my Angels’ messages easily
i trust and follow my inner guidance
im in touch with my inner truth
i know what my true feelings and thoughts are about this situation
im honest and loving partner in my relationships
i keep my promises to myself and others
people like me
people seek me out and enjoy my company
i have wonderful friends who i enjoy and who are honoring and respectful with me
i have many friends who are on a spiritual path
i devote time every day to my spiritual practices
i honor my dreams, priorities and wishes
i know that if i dream it i can do it
it is safe for me to receive
i allow myself to receive
i deserve to receive
the more that i allow myself to receive, the more i can give to others
when i win, everybody wins
i am a winner
life treats me well
the universe loves me
God loves me
i love me